Feelings are best felt through the body, therefore words can not always explain how one is feeling. Body language is a substitute for words. A language used throughout the world and understood by many. Dancing is one side of body language, known around the world and spoken by millions.

The Dancer

The embodiment of language,
makes the spoken anxious.
Emotionally drained,
leaving the words chained.

A personal message supported by movements,
not looking for improvements.
Just the rare thought of being one,
the purest thing that has been done.

A wordless encounter of hidden messages,
taken off all the edges.
The blood streaming through the veins,
no edges there, it just explains.

Explains life at its finest,
expressing itself at its widest.
A lovelife, anger, a cry,
no words have to apply.

The movements leading themselfs,
so all the emotions can come out of their shells.
No message better heard,
than the embodiment of a word.

                                                                   ‘Manouk van Zwam’