Read me,
just like a book.
In between the lines,
to really understand.
Explore the words,
they tell the meaning of deeds.
A touch is genuine,
and then the eyes say everything.

Manouk My name is Manouk van Zwam and creativity has always been a big part of my life. Since I was a kid I loved to cut papers, make my hands dirty with paint and put something beautiful on paper. Good was never good enough. Which makes me a perfectionist. Therefore the paintings I make are never finished. But unfinished paintings are the best because the story which I’m trying to tell will continue forever and can be filled in by others. So everyone’s fantasy is triggered. This is what I want to achieve with my paintings. I want to tell a story. I would love to see people use their fantasies more and not getting stressed out by reality.

Some of the paintings I make reflect my thoughts, my feelings, tell something about my life. Next to that, I want to give another perspective of the things that are currently happening in the world. The thoughts and movements of human beings and where those thoughts might come from based on religion, philosophy or just a way of living. I would like to bring these thoughts and stories to the people in the form of art. Either paintings or poetry. But be careful, poetry is only understood by reading in between the lines. So be challenged and try to see the bigger picture. In poetry, in paintings and most importantly in life!

Enjoy reading and let me know what your thoughts are!


2 thoughts on “Manouk

  1. Hi Manouk,

    Nice, story telling true art and expression of feelings true poetry very beautiful hope to see more work from you, thnx for sharing your passion and talent to the world.

    • Thank you for taking the time to check out my blog and sharing your thoughts Akwesi Davis. I appreciate it! I will keep on working on my art and sharing it to the world. So stay up to date and be welcomed to visit my blog some time again.

      Have a blessed evening!


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