The artistic streets of Valencia

My passion for art is huge. Therefore, it’s easy for me to see a little bit of art in everything but the streets of Valencia really blew me away. The old characteristic buildings in the middle of the center mixed with the carelessness of the graffiti gives a wonderful and relaxed vibe. Together with my love, we spent most of our time walking through the streets of Valencia and being amazed by the combination of old architecture and modern street art. A big thanks to the street artists of Valencia!

‘It’s late at night, we’re still hungry so we decide to grab some food. The warm winter nights of Valencia embraces us as we walk outside. Besides the smell of food, I smell a particular smell; a chemical smell. As we walk further, we see two people standing in an alley. They grace the grey wall with colors and after that the artists disappear just like ghosts. As we walk along, we see people enjoying the winter warmth of Spain while drinking a glass of wine. We hear laughter everywhere, music and chatter rumors the artistic streets but I am numbed by the art that I see. I am trying to figure out the story. In this story I meet myself; ‘hello you, have we met before?’ An encounter which happens daily but one that I am not always aware of due to the full days I have at home. Here, in the dark artistic streets of Valencia, I meet myself and just say ‘hello’. An encounter that already took place millions of times before but is different every time due to the circumstances; the place and time, the atmosphere.  A moment of peace where I not only meet myself but within myself I meet life in a different way than before. I look ahead of me and see my love walking down the streets while I am still staring at the colored wall. He knows that I will find him. A love that I have met while taking a moment of peace in a busy day. Just like I meet myself in this particular moment. As I walk along I know we will meet again and again and again. This way life will expands itself and so will my knowledge.


Later that week we even met a super hero, an unique encounter which we never dreamed of meeting. Unfortunately, he couldn’t give us his signature so we just took a picture!
Curious to know if you had any unique or special encounter? Let me know in the comment section below!

Xx Manouk


15 thoughts on “The artistic streets of Valencia

  1. Thank you for taking us to Valencia. It inspired us to dream of this beautiful city. Not only the city, but it made us especially curious about the art to be seen there. Keep us triggered by art thru your blog!

    • Thank you so much for taking the time to read! It is much appreciated! I can totally agree with you. It gives the city a really nice and unique dynamic!

  2. I have always loved street art 🙂 looks beautiful. Thanks for sharing dear!

    • Your welcome! Thank you for taking the time to read! Very much appreciated! And indeed streetart is amazing, it gives such a special dynamic to a city!

  3. Wat een heerlijke blog om te lezen. Helemaal mijn stijl en op deze manier neem je ons echt mee naar Valencia. Nooit geweten dat deze stad zo de moeite waard is. Streetart is zo prachtig en kan een stad maken of breken. Bovendien zijn de meeste straatartiesten zwaar ondergewaardeerd!

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