Dreaming; a different world yet the same

In a previous post, I already wrote about a possible story behind a painting and the color compositions which represent the emotions in that certain painting and therefore the story! This post is the very first post of a series where I reveal the story behind the painting! Note; my story behind the painting. This one is about the painting; Dreamer.20160813_134932.jpg

‘Here I am, at the airport, off to go and fly. Not just in my dreams but in real life. Even though I am still on the ground, my thoughts are flying already.  While I am  standing on a long treadmill which will bring me to the right gate, people are talking, screaming and walking by. I don’t pay attention. Me and my thoughts are in another world, yet the same as everyone else. Therefore, I am not an exception in having to step off the treadmill at a certain point, but my thoughts were still flying. My man is reaching for my arm and stewardesses are looking annoyed while I almost fall off the treadmill.’

Overall dreaming is more safe at night but I can’t help myself, I am as much a daydreamer as a dreamer at night. An escape out of reality to create a world which fully complement my feelings, to clear my head and bring back some peace when I can’t find it in society anymore. It’s kind of my second home, peaceful, quiet yet musical and full of joy! Next to that it’s an important way of processing everything that I experience daily; reflecting.

Dreaming helps me to continue a certain mindfulness filled with happiness and love. Whether it’s daydreaming or dreaming at night, it really doesn’t matter, it’s just a lovely state of mind to be in! I just have to keep real life in check otherwise I will fall off the treadmill of life; literally!

Remember; everyone will have their own story complementing a painting, also for this painting ‘Dreamer’. A feeling, an emotion or even a memory can be triggered by a painting. Curious to know what your story is while looking at this painting!?

Xx Manouk


41 thoughts on “Dreaming; a different world yet the same

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  2. “If she had known the sunset of her life would envelope her with such gorgeous passion, maybe she would not have minded the darkness she’d carried within her.”

    Beautiful painting. I do this excercise too sometimes! I’d love to invite you to participate in my mini-writing contest that I hold on my blog in Fridays. Winners get published on the front page; you follow a prompt and the submit. I think it’s something you may enjoy. I really enjoyed reading your story:)

  3. Hoewel ik niet zo’n enorme liefhebber ben van abstracte kunst vind ik dit schilderij wel mooi. Dat komt vooral door het kleurgebruik, ik ben een liefhebber van paars. Ik zie duidelijk je gedachte terugkomen in het schilderij. Zowel het personage als de kleuren hebben iets dromerigs.

    • Dank je wel! Dat is een groot compliment voor iemand die niet van abstracte kunst houdt! Leuk te horen dat je mijn gedachten erin terug ziet komen.

    • Thank you so much! Really appreciate it and I’m glad I made you curious for this post in the previous post. Next story behind the painting is coming up!

    • Thank you, happy you like it! The story just develops itself during painting. It’s all a matter of emotions and feelings. I really just put my soul in it!

  4. Vind het altijd mooi om de gedachte achter het schilderij te horen. Ik zie een slapende vrouw die droomt 😊

    • Dank je wel voor het delen van jouw gedachten, erg leuk om te horen wat jij in het schilderij ziet!! Inmiddels staat de tweede blogpost van de serie ‘Mijn verhaal achter het schilderij’ ook online. Onwijs bedankt voor het delen van je gedachten!

  5. The painting reminds me of of a really exhausting day…where you just just want to curl up and switch off the noise of the world!!! Loved it.

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