Homes intrigued by art

Art meets home, to inspire.

Home is not only the roof which you are sleeping under. Home is the definition of your character. Home is where you go after you have finished work. Or maybe home is your office. Home is the place where you come together. Home is a loving place, full of inspiration from the past, today and the future. Home is created by the mind of the ones living in it and the definition is only truly known by the persons which consider it their home. Home is relative to either one, but one thing is for certain; home should be a place to get inspired from, so you will have energy to face the rest of the world.

For me, home is the castle where me and my king are ruling and living. Home is my gallery so I can feed my mind with creativity. Home is the place where I can laugh out loud. Home is the place where I can cry until I have no tears left. Home is the spot where I want to go to chill. Home is the place where I can have a wine and dance as crazy as I want to, to the music which my man is playing. To me, home is the place where I can be myself without even be judged by myself. I love my home and all the inspiration it brings me.


Welcome to the reflection of our mind, the definition of our characters combined.

The reason I created this page is to show how art in combination with your home, can inspire you even more. Just consider and wonder how your home inspires you and what home means to you.

I am curious how you feel about your home? Let me know in the reply…..

X Manouk


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