Art of being inspired and sharing…..

Stories told through art, so you can use your fantasies more en will not get stressed out by reality. A moment to read/see the reflection of my thoughts at a creative level and be inspired and triggered by the stories which are told.

2015-11-06 22.14.54At this blog you will get the chance to feed your mind with creativity so you will not get carried away by reality but will find a deeper self by letting go on reality. I would love to know what your thoughts are on this matter! You can share your replies on every page or you can send me an

Besides that I will anounce expositions and other important matters of my art on this page. So stay tuned and like my facebook page and instagram acccount so you will allways be the first to know important news on my artwork: artbymanouk

Thank you for taking the time to see/read my artwork. It is much appreciated!

X Manouk


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